Boost Your SEO, Don’t Waste Space in Your Title Tags

I won’t name any (domain) names, but I keep seeing websites with meaningless title tags that don’t help their SEO and are unlikely to be clicked on if people see them in search results or in social media posts.

Where's the beef in your title tags? Is there any?For example, I keep seeing title tags that include or are simply:

  • Home Page
  • Welcome to [Name of Company/Website/Page]

It’s easy to set your title tag to something generic on day one and forget about it, but your title tags are ridiculously important so you should really take a few minutes to make sure they’re helping you and not just full of filler words.

For more missed opportunities I often see in title tags, and tips of how to make yours great, read my article 9 Common Title Tag Mistakes To Avoid.  Have a question? Comment below.

2 thoughts on “Boost Your SEO, Don’t Waste Space in Your Title Tags

  1. Amen to that! I also think that if people get in the habit of writing good title tags, the thinking that goes into that can spread to H1s, the copy itself, social media posts, and all other communications.

  2. Indeed. I need to do a blog post on how to structure title tags.

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