Great Out-of-the-Way Litter Box Solution

We all love our cats, but their litter box is another story. We put up with the tracked cat litter, smell and eyesore because the cat box is one of the few downsides to owning a cat. (And I think it’s much better than picking up a dog’s warm droppings in the rain.)

Picture of cat door entrance to litter box

I’ve tried many things to make my cats’ litter box less annoying, and I was so impressed and inspired when I saw the handy work of one of my cat sitting clients. Their solution made the litter box as subtle and out of the way as possible. Continue Reading…

Thumper’s Reviews of Glucosamine Treats for Cats

Because my cat Thumper is a bit overweight, a Maine Coon – a larger type of a cat – and 11 years old, our vet recommended I give her glucosamine treats to help her joints so she can be more active and comfortable. Obstacle #1 – It’s hard to find Glucosamine treats for cats in many pet stores. Obstacle #2 – It turns out Thumper is an even pickier eater than I ever realized.

Here are my – well, really Thumpers’ – reviews of the Glucosamine treats we’ve tried. I hope it helps some other “fluffy” kitties get what they need to feel better, and help you not waste money on ones your cat may not eat. Continue Reading…